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Uniwell Provides Advanced Productivity & Efficiency in Marlow Buildings

Sep 1, 2008

Only one single point of access to all the information and resources is needed to make a building and the enterprise it supports more productive and efficient. Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) provides this one system that pulls together all core building systems and integrates information from many different enterprise subsystems. Uniwell installed such a system in Marlow’s three edifices: the main Agency Building, the adjacent Training Building, and the sevenstorey Seamen’s Dormitory. Marlow Navigation Phils., Inc., with its parent-company in Limassol, Cyprus, is a maritime corporation operating primarily as a crewing/ manning agency to provide trained and properly qualified seafarers of all ranks for ocean-going vessels. The company’s substantial growth ushered itself in the local maritime industry with its own buildings in the midst of one of the more bustling business locales of Manila along Leon Guinto and San Andres Streets. Honeywell EBI is the solution that lets Marlow cost-effectively manage their day-to-day operations while providing them with insights into how their facilities are performing. With their total system configuration of 7,500 points and using Honeywell’s Excel 800 controllers, it gives complete control of three Marlow buildings
while offering unrivaled integration with business processes. EBI provides true two-way communications so, the company can immediately act for greater problem resolution and control. They’ll have both the big picture and the capabilities to implement proactive control strategies for greater operational efficiency. With EBI, Marlow has the complete flexibility to accommodate change and growth, all while protecting their current and future investment in building systems.