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Uniwell Brings New Levels of Honeywell Building Automation in Crowne Plaza Hotel

Mar 1, 2008

Today’s building owners, facilities managers and tenants face a dilemma: How to manage everdecreasing budgets against everdemanding targets? As buildings become more sophisticated there is a greater need to create and maintain a safer, more secure and comfortable environment – all as cost-effectively as possible. The intelligent way to achieve these goals is through a holistic approach to building, security and life safety management systems. These were the driving forces that compelled Uniwell to supply Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) to Crowne Plaza Hotel. EBI provided integrated functionality delivering a safer, more secure, more comfortable and energy efficient, more productive and innovative hotel. EBI lies at the core of Honeywell’s intelligent solutions. The overall system’s intelligence stems from EBI’s ability to seamlessly integrate the different building systems as well as link with key business functions such as personnel, financial and supply chain databases. It integrates building and network solutions improving functionality and cost reduction. The result is a facility that delivers measurable value to hotel’s management. Uniwell surely understands the essence of business success. They give the wellness needs of the hotel’s guests as much attention as the other concerns. Honeywell’s EBI responds to the needs of these guests, running efficiently whi le ma inta ining comfor t. Whether between meetings or after a long day’s work, guests can enjoy a wide- array of facilities and support services that are available to help make the most of their leisure time in comfort. Most importantly, when guests are happy, they keep coming back. Honeywell gets the best performance out of any building.