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Industrial Page Four


Liquid Solution
Solid Solution
• Mini Float Level Switch
• Magnetic Float Level Switch
• Side Mounting Float Switch
• Cable Float Level Switch
• Capacitance Level Switch
• RF – Capacitance/Admittance Level Switch
• Vibrating Probe Level Switch
• Paddle Flow Switch
• Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch
• Optical Level Switch
• Pressure Switch
• Ultrasonic Level Switch
• RF – Capacitance Level Switch
• Pressure Level Transmitter
• Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter
• By-Pass level Transmitter
• Magnetic Float Level Transmitter
• FMCW Radar Level Transmitter
• Capacitance Level Switch
• RF – Capacitance/Admittance Level Switch
• Vibrating Probe Level Switch
• Rotary Paddle Level Switch
• TDR Radar level Transmitter
• Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
• RF – Capacitance Level Transmitter
• Electromechanical Measuring System

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MAXON’S full line of industrial burners and combustion equipment includes gas burners, oil burners, gas valves, shut off valves, flow control valves, and low NOx burners. All of combustions systems and equipment are designed and engineered with customer’s needs in mind. As the first industrial burner manufacturer to receive ISO 9001 certification, MAXON produces nothing but high quality products, which are held to the highest standards in the industry.
Industrial Burners – Natural Gas Burners
OXY-FUEL ® Burners

Line Burners

Low Temp Burners

High Temp Burners

Industrial Burners – Oil-Fired Burners
Oil Burners

OXY Fuel Burners

Gas Valves & Oil Valves
Shut Off Valves

Ratio & Flow Control

Oil Flow Valve

Low-NOX Burners
Combustion Systems


Complete Combustion Systems
For all applications in ovens, dryers, incinerators and furnaces, MAXON supplies complete custom-built combustion systems and equipment engineered according to the prevailing regulations and standards.


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Miri Technologies is a company specialising in the provision of telemetry and control solutions. Since 1984 Miri has designed, developed and manufactured several hardware and software products as well as providing full system design and consultancy capabilities.
The MiriAD 2000 telemetry modules represent an extremely powerful and versatile state-of-the-art product which finds application in all data acquisition and control systems. The units are designed to operate over a wide temperature range and to function reliably in harsh industrial environments. The MiriAD 2000 modules are based on the 32 bit proven processing power of the Motorola 68000 series microprocessors.

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With its MANN SERIES, Weidmüller introduces a comprehensive range of innovative products for the processing of analogue signals. The product series, ranging from simple dedicated units to complex microprocessor-controlled devices, can be used with almost all signal types and measurement sensors. The products also offer a variety of integrated functions, such as timing delays, adjustable threshold values and a programmable ramping function.
Signal Isolators – These products are for typical facility-based analog current and voltage signals. They eliminate the measurement errors caused by ground loops or electromagnetic interference. They can also be used to boost weaker signals resulting in increased transmission distance or to allow additional devices to be connected to loop calibrators. The signal isolator is powered from the input/output current loop, or from a separate auxiliary power supply.
Signal Transmitters – These products convert, filter and isolate any low-level signals coming from typical measuring devices. This includes mV signals from thermocouples and PT100 measurement probes, which are converted into normalized current or voltage signals. This range of products includes not only simple and conventional modular versions, but also highly-flexible microprocessor-controlled versions.

Process Alarms – these are special two-channel modules which monitor facility-specific measurement values. When necessary, they issue alarms to external monitoring systems. Versions are available for all standard input signals. The setpoint values can be set with an operating panel located on the front. Microprocessor-controlled modules are available for more complex applications. They are equipped with standard timing delays, filter functions, setpoint adjustments and displays.
Multi-Channel Processing Modules – these are compact modules which are capable of processing multiple inputs, outputs and alarms simultaneously. When necessary, they can transmit analogue or digital values, based on certain results, to a control system. They are suitable for the remote monitoring of processes. With their use, cycle times can be shortened within the application and the number or I/O devices can be reduced. This will also lead to a reduction in the costs surrounding installation, cabling, initial commissioning and maintenance.

Indicators and Configurable Displays – these are available in a variety of designs. This includes products ranging from simple versions powered by current loops, to configurable products with integrated analogue and alarm outputs.
Counters / Totalizers – these products can be used for measuring flow rate and total. They can process analogue and digital inputs signals (pulses). There are a wide variety of adjustment and programming options, such as linearization, interference suppression, hysteresis and reference values. This enables these products to be used in a wide variety of applications. On the output side, relay contacts for monitoring limiting values are available.


Calibration Devices – these complete the product offering. They are specially designed for the calibrating and setting of analogue signal-processing devices. They provide clean smoothed standard signals and make use of a load indicator for quick loop diagnostics.