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Electro–pneumatic Transducers Pressure Gauges
 Type 1000 EP/IP Transducers  Type 1001 EP/IP Transducers Type 1500 EP/IP Transducers 
•General service gauges
•Severe service gauges
•Precision service gauges
•Process gauges
•Diaphragm gauges
•HVAC/R gauges
•Special application gauges
 Type 2000 EP/IP Transducers Type 5000 PI Transducers 

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TurboMachinery Controls
The CCC approach to designing fully integrated controls for the entire turbomachinery train (drivers and driven equipment) guarantees better performance of your turbomachinery, and dramatically improves your bottom line

Maximize efficiency of your process with an unmatched performance of Series 5™ control products.


Series 5 Reliant®/em> – Purpose–built, Easy–to–Use, Fixed I/O–configuration, with IEC–61131 Programming Languages
Series 5 Vanguard® – A Modular, Open Architecture System for Complex Turbomachinery Trains
Vantage®GP – A Purpose–Built Digital Governor for Optimum Control of General Purpose Turbine Applications
Vantage®GD – Specifically Designed For Condensing and Back–Pressure Steam Turbines Driving Synchronous Generators Vantage®GDX – Governor for Single Automatic Extraction Steam Turbines Driving Synchronous Generators
The Vibrant® system expands CCC’s trademarked TTC® offering on the Series 5™ platform to include vibration protection and condition monitoring. The Air Miser® control system provides complete and integrated control of plant air compressors and maximizes efficiency of the compressor networks. Efficient and cost–effective governor for single automatic extraction steam turbines driving synchronous generators.

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Beamex® Integrated Calibration Solution
The most integrated, automated calibration system available.
The Beamex® Integrated Calibration Solution improves the quality and efficiency of the entire calibration system through faster, smarter and more accurate management of all calibration assets and procedures. Beamex calibrators, workstations, calibration software and professional services form the most integrated, automated calibration system available.


 Calibration Solutions
Beamex® MC5
Multifunction Calibrator
Beamex® MC5-IS
Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator
  Absolute accuracy.
• High accuracy all-in-one calibrator
• Replaces several individual devices
• Calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, electrical and frequency signals
• Reliable and robust calibrator with a long lifetime
• Documenting – communicates with calibration
  Made for extreme environments.
• High accuracy all-in-one calibrator
• Designed for use in potentially explosive environments
• Calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature,
electrical and frequency signals
• Certified in accordance with the ATEX directive and IECEx scheme
• Documenting – communicates with calibration
Beamex® MC4
Documenting Process Calibrator
Beamex® MC2-IS
Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator
Document as you go.
• Automated and documented calibrations can be made quickly and easily
• Calibration capabilities for pressure,
temperature, electrical and frequency signals
• Compact size and design
• Documenting – communicates with Beamex
calibration software
Practical tool for calibration in hazardous

• Pressure, temperature and electrical calibrations
• ATEX and IECEx–certified Intrinsically Safe
Multifunction Process Calibrator
• Connects to almost 20 available Beamex
intrinsically safe external pressure modules
• Compact size and design
• User–friendly
Beamex® MC2 Series Beamex® CMX
Calibration Software
Practicality in calibration./strong>
• Available in three versions:
° MC2 Pressure / Electrical Calibrator
° MC2 Temp. / Electrical Calibrator
° MC2 Multifunction Calibrator
• Internal / external pressure modules
• Compact size and design
• User–friendly
  Maximize quality and productivity of calibration
asset management.

• Easy and modern way for managing all calibration assets and information
• Improves cost-efficiency and quality of the entire
calibration system
• Communicates with calibrators, integration to a
maintenance management system
• Available in three versions: CMX Light,
CMX Professional, CMX Enterprise
• Easy–to–use modern software
• Data management and storage
• Plan and schedule calibrations
• Analyze and optimize calibration frequency
• Produce reports and certificates
Beamex® MCS100
  The calibration workshop solution.
• A workstation is ideal when most
maintenance and calibration tasks are performed in the workshop
• Modular design allows configuration based
on user–specific requirements
• Many different types of applications
• Safe, ergonomic and versatile workstation
Beamex® PG-Series/font>  
Pressure and vacuum sources for field use.
The PG–series includes hand-held, lightweight pressure and vacuum sources for field use. The PG–series of hand pumps are ideal pressure/vacuum generators to be used as accessories for pressure and vacuum calibration.
External Pressure Modules (EXT)
Increases your configuration possibilities
• Possibility to calibrate even more pressure ranges with just one calibrator
• Pressure ranges from vacuum to 1000 bar / 14 500 psi

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Crowcon has the most robust and reliable range of gas detection products in the industry. Portable or fixed, Crowcon can provide gas detectors you can trust.


Personal & Portable Gas Monitors Fixed Gas Detectors
Crowcon provide both single gas and multigas monitors for personal monitoring and portable safety applications providing protection against a wide range of industrial gas hazards.
Crowcon products monitor for flammable gases, oxygen and an extensive range of toxic gases meeting the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industries.
Crowcon manufacture detectors for flammable, toxic and oxygen gases to suit all applications. Our comprehensive range offers:
•Compact and rugged designs
•High reliability
•Flexibility to adapt to specific use requirements
Control Systems Sampling Systems
Crowcon’s +35 years gas detection expertise has been instrumental in developing a range of control panels to suit all applications. All our fixed gas monitoring systems can be interfaced with any fire and gas detector and distributed control system (DCS). In addition each system can be engineered to drive remote annunciators and mimic panels. Sampling Systems provide the ideal solution for permanently monitoring flammable gases, toxic gases and/or oxygen in environments where fixed–point detectors may be impractical.

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Instrumentation Cables, Thermocouple Extension Cables, Control Cables   • Non–Armored Cables
• Armored Cables
• Dekabon Barrier
• Fire Resistant
• Specialty Cables


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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
•Full PLC performance in a tiny package
•The FX family includes four independent but fully mutually-compatible product lines: FX3U,FX2N,FX1N,FX1S
This unique series is able to integrate four types of automation control, sequence, motion, process, and information (PC based) onto a single system.
•Advanced Tiny Giants
•The integrated products of the ALPHA family replace many of the discrete components used in conventional systems, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for economical solutions.
International safety standards conformance, Mitsubishi Electric’s optimal solution for industrial safety in Factory Automation.
Variable Speed Drives

An Intelligent Solution for Every Drive Task
Mitsubishi Electric delivers innovative, open, flexible and reliable drive solutions geared to the special needs of individual markets and customers.

Energy Saving. The F700 inverter is built to optimize 3–phase motor control, saving energy for virtually all general purpose applications. Highest Performance. It features many of the special technologies originally developed for Mitsubishi Electric servo drive products, such as adaptive auto–tuning that automatically compensates for changes in load inertia. The result is smoother operation, less downtime and ultimately, lower operating costs.  Control modes include Velocity, Torque and Positioning.  Real Sensorless Vector allows Zero speed holding torque and torque control without the need for an encoder. Compact and Easy Setting. Mitsubishi Electric’s S500 series frequency inverters provide an easy entry to the world of modern variable–speed drive technology. Low cost Sub–Micro VFD with Mitsubishi Quality.
Compact and Powerful. Mitsubishi Electric’s FR–E500 frequency inverters bring a large number of intelligent functions and communications capabilities to the compact class up to 7.5kW. The cost–cost effective variable speed control solution for general purpose applications. The E700 Series is the latest generation of Mitsubishi Electric’s Micro Sized Variable Frequency Drives. It replaces the popular E500 Series and utilizes the same mounting foot print. Advanced features and functions such as USB port for commissioning and monitoring, embedded M–dial and display, increased low speed performance and the ability to install one of the many 700 Series option cards allows the E700 to be used in the most demanding applications. With a standard 5 year warranty, quality and reliability is essentially guaranteed. The E700 Series promises to continue Mitsubishi’s long history of providing the best micro drive in the industry.

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Boiler Controls • Liquid Level Controls • Flow Switches